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Buildings and Grounds

What We Offer

To provide safe, accessible, comfortable, environmentally sound buildings and grounds. Our goal is that many generations into the future, our buildings will continue to provide a functional home for our ministries, serving our congregation and the community.

  • Cleaning - Occassional help with cleaning. Whistle while you work!
  • Kitchen - Keeping a constant eye on clean up since food is such a large part of our ministries.
  • Painting - Occassional touch ups or more.
  • Repair - Odd jobs on our three building campus.
  • Annual Inspections - "Walk-through" with a second set of eyes to see what repairs or updates may be needed on St. Matthew's buidlings and grounds.
  • Mowing - Weekly summertime necessity.
  • Gardens - Spring and fall cleanups and summertime planting and weeding. Children plant annuals along the main walkway.
  • Plowing & Shoveling - Making our driveways, lots and sidewalks safe following the Town's sweep through.
  • Trash - Help by putting out the blue and green bins weekly for Town pick up.

If you have any questions or would like to participate in this ministry, please contact the office at or the Vestry liaisons Eric Battey, Randy Cheyne, Angie Battey, and Nancy Clark.